Sunday, July 31, 2011

Saltburn Billboard Art

Whenever I read phrases such as ‘urban art-scape’ or ‘guerilla advertising’ I instantly switch off, feeling that I’m being sold on the reflection of an idea rather than an actual concept, a tangible work of art that I can identify with. But recently I was somewhat inspired by the story of an Irish gentleman who, faced with unemployment, spent his savings on a giant billboard advertising that he was available to work. With the headline ‘Save me from emigration’ he stood out from all other potential candidates, received over 20 job interviews and even a couple of job offers. Now as bold as this man was in selling himself, this got me thinking what if billboards weren’t used solely for advertising. What if they were used for works of art? A sketch at a bus stop, a collage on a roundabout or even photography on a rubbish bin there’s so much advertising nowadays how could we, if not subvert, just change the dynamic of our local spaces? So, maybe after a little too much wine, I found a site where I subsequently booked the billboard on Marske Road train bridge. Now the first person I though of was local Saltburn artist Andy Broderick, his fantastic naturalistic work an excellent antidote to the stream of comparison websites and bargain airlines most of us trudge by every other week. With a very tight deadline Andy has made a beautiful work of art which will be up on the site from the 10th-24th of August. I hope you can take the time to enjoy it.


Andy Brodericks 'Nettle'

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