Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Croquet anyone?

Croquet players Saltburn's Geoff Watkins, Brockley Hall visitors Chris Kirkbride,
Nick Haigh and  Paul Prewett, pause during their practice game at Saltburn.
The game of croquet is being revived at Saltburn to mark the town's 150th birthday celebrations.
The game was first played in Saltburn's Pleasure Grounds (on the lawn in front of where the tea rooms are today) in the 1860s when the Zetland Hotel was opened, but in recent years its popularity has declined.

Visitors to Brockley Hall holiday centre have been virtually the only people in Saltburn to have played since the 1960s, but a match is to be held on Wednesday August 17th as part of the birthday celebrations.

A practice game was held on Sunday July 24th when a Brockley Hall team beat a Saltburn squad.

Geoff Watkins, of Saltburn, who is to play at the celebration match, said: "I thoroughly enjoyed playing again after a lapse of many years and am looking forward to the match."

Organiser Mike Morrissey, of Saltburn, said he would like to hear from any more potential Saltburn players. The match will take place on Marine Parade from 10.30am to 12 noon. Please phone 01287-622493 for details.

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