Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Quite up-lifting!

Saltburn's Victorian masterpiece - the Cliff Lift - is celebrating a record number of passengers as it prepares for the end of the season.
Despite a complete lack of acknowledgement or celebration of the lifts 125th anniversary this year by Redcar and Cleveland Council a bumper total of 120,223 people have enjoyed the journeys, from Good Friday, April 14, to Sunday, September 27, on what is Britain's oldest remaining water-balanced lift.
It will now revert to weekend openings, from 10am-1pm and 1.30pm-5pm, through October until the school half-term holidays, when it will be open daily, with a final closure date for the year on November 1.
Council Cabinet member for culture, leisure and tourism Councillor Sheelagh Clarke said: "This has been a remarkable year for the Cliff Lift. We had a good year last year, with just under 100,000 passengers. The best year was back in 2001, when over 112,000 people used the lift.
But that year it remained open until December to compensate for access problems because of the foot and mouth outbreaks and difficulties with the town's bankside footpaths. This year has definitely seen a massive influx of visitors to Saltburn. (Could this have anything to do with winning 'Pier of the Year' and a book recently published being set in the town we wonder?) Although the weather has not been memorable, the visitors have been flooding into the resort and this has been very good for the local economy. Now we're looking forward to more of the same for next year!"
The Cliff Lift has certainly continued to attract the attention of Saltburn's visitors - now that is up-lifting!