Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cliff Lift on screen - 55 Seconds

A vertical portrait of Saltburn, seen through the short journeys people make on the UK's oldest water balanced funicular lift to the only remaining pleasure pier in the North-East.
Read more about the making of the film and behind the scenes photos on Jan Cawood's blog or subscribe to her YouTube Channel and Flickr Channel for regular updates.

A film about Saltburn's Cliff Lift - the oldest water balanced Cliff Lift in the UK still in operation - is being screened on TV.
The film will be shown on the Community Channel at 8pm on Friday 31st December, and at regular intervals throughout January.
The film - '55 Seconds' - was commissioned by Northern Film and Media, in partnership with the Community Channel and Sheffield International Documentary Festival as part of their documentary film-making scheme 'Capture'.
The scheme aims to reveal different aspects of North east life.
'55 Seconds' was produced by Jan Cawood, a Stockton based film-maker. It explores a day in the life of the oldest water balanced Cliff Lift in the UK, seen through the short journey people make on it.
Jan said, "I studied seaside architecture and I have always loved the lift, and especially the brief encounters between people on their 55 second journey. I wanted to capture a sense of people and place, to show how beautiful Saltburn is and how much people really value the lift. It was a largely spontaneous shoot which we couldn't have arranged without the support of R&C Council and the lift staff who were great."
The Community Channel is available via Sky channel 539, Virgin on 233 and Freeview channel 87.

The Cliff Lift is currently being refurbished ready for the summer season.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Pebble Man on Saltburn Beach

A homeless man, who is hiking around Britain, has spent several weeks on Saltburn Beach and before he continues on his trek would like to thank local people for their help.
The man, whose christian name is George, but is known as Dr Geebers the Pebble Man, insisted he was 'fine' despite the freezing temperatures. He created a pebble sculpture for Christmas. He said people had been very kind with inquiries, food and bedding and a well wisher had given him a tarpaulin sheet for shelter under the bridge near the Ship Inn as his tent blew away in the high winds.
He is officially homeless. He is doing the trek because no one else has done it creating pebble exhibitions at the same time. He began his trek two years ago beginning at Brighton and has lived on 32 beaches, walking 4,500 miles and moved 270 tonnes of pebbles and stones by hand to create his exhibitions.
George, who is not drawing benefits or sponsorship, said, "If people want to contribute towards my costs they put coins in a sack near my site". He doesn't ask for contributions. He added that Saltburn had been the first town where the police had checked his record and he had only had four 'disrespects' of behaviour towards himself on his travels.
He plans to write a book on his travels which he called a 'homeless awareness journey'.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Snow problems.

Snow storms continued to cause travel chaos today with blizzards forcing motorists in East Cleveland to abandon their vehicles. Roads in Saltburn were brought to a standstill.
George Tough, 27, who has lived in Saltburn for 20 years, said he has never known weather like it. The barman, who works in the Marine Hotel said, "It has been snowing heavily all day. Several roads have been closed because there is just so much snow and people are getting stuck. The pub is far busier than it usually is, with people coming in to shelter from the bitter cold."
Janet Coser, 49, owner of the Victoria Public House, said, "It is really, really bad. The snow is about four to five inches deep and it looks as though there is a lot more on the way. People have been abandoning their cars and taking shelter inside the pub. I can’t say I have ever known weather as bad as this – it is just horrific."
Saltburn Bank was closed on several occasions throughout the day with Police stopping cars accessing the bank, only allowing 4x4s through.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Dog Walker rescued after snow slope plunge.

Police deployed thermal imaging equipment to find a Saltburn woman who slipped 30ft(9m) down a snow-covered slope.
The 51-year-old was walking her two dogs in a densely-wooded area of the Valley Gardens when she slipped off a footpath yesterday.
The Cleveland Police helicopter was drafted in after the woman managed to raise the alarm on her mobile phone.
A search and rescue team were then involved in raising the woman up the slope on a spinal board before she was taken to hospital with suspected back injuries.
The woman, who suffered from moderate hyperthermia and minor injuries, was later discharged.
"I had been walking through the woodlands with my dogs, as I usually do, when a loose dog jumped up behind me. It startled me and I slipped on the icy surface, tumbled over the edge of the path and slid down the bank. Once started I couldn't stop the momentum and eventually had to roll into a tree to block my fall. I couldn't believe it when the owner of the dog simply walked on past and ignored what had happened. Although I called for help other walkers also passed by and didn't stop. I can't thank the police and rescue services enough. They were absolutely marvellous. Without their efforts I don't know what would have happened."
A force spokesman said temperatures in the area at the time were about -2C.
The Valley Gardens area is popular with dog walkers and is known for its steep, wooded paths.
Police urged dog walkers to be aware of the dangers of snow and ice in the area.

To support the Cleveland Search and Rescue team click on the image and visit their website.

S'no problem for this bus driver.

A Saltburn dad who filmed a bus driver making light of treacherous and icy conditions has described him as “amazing”. Simon Hartley caught the driver on camera as he skillfully climbed Saltburn Bank during the recent snow storms - despite other smaller cars and vehicles struggling.
"I thought he was not going to make it," Simon, 41, admitted. "All the four-wheel drives couldn’t even make it up. He was amazing."
The video shows the chaos as one car is pushed up the bank and others struggle to negotiate the notorious bends. But the bus heroically makes it to the top - despite the treacherous conditions.

Just before the bus arrives: