Saturday, October 30, 2010

Movs to re-instate Saltburn's Road Race

Moves are being made to try to open up the way for the Saltburn Hill Climb event to be staged again. Provisions in the Road Traffic Act meant the event, staged annually from 1993 to 2005, was illegal. The act bans 'road racing' on the public highway.The hill climb attracted thousands of people to the town.
Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland MP, Tom Blenkinsop, has now made recommend moves in the House of Commons to have the event reinstated.
The hill climb involved vintage motor cycles and cars in a speed trial starting on Saltburn seafront and culminating in a road dash up the steep hill to Rushpool Hall Hotel on the Skelton Road.
Organisers have worked with Mr Blenkinsop and his predecessor, the late Dr Ashok Kumar, to get a mechanism which could allow a local exemption from that part of the act to allow the event through local authority road closure powers.
As part of the campaign, Mr Blenkinsop has tabled a House of Commons Early Day Motion calling for such exemptions to be made part of the Act.
The MP said, "The Saltburn Hill Climb was a popular event which attracted participants and visitors from across the country. The influx of people boosted the local economy of Saltburn and put the town firmly on the tourist map. Along with the organisers and Redcar and Cleveland Council, I have been looking to see if we can table a Private Bill sponsored by the council which would allow for a suspension of the relevant parts of the Act so as to allow this once a year event. This is a complicated process which could take some time to deliver. It would be easier for everyone if the Government could simply allow for local exemptions, strictly managed by councils and the police, to be introduced nationally."
He said the UK Motor Sports Association believed such an exemption could lead to nationwide events which could generate between £20m and £60m for the host communities. "I do not see why Saltburn should not be allowed to gain part of this revenue, and that is why I have tabled this special Motion in the House," added the MP.

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Saltburn man wins top photo competition.

Just two years ago Saltburn amateur photographer and brave cancer survivor Stephen J Dowd was at his lowest ebb. The former window cleaner, of Zetland Mews, Saltburn, suffered a marriage break-up and was given just a 50-50 chance of surviving colon cancer. Then last year his younger brother Tony, who lives in Spain, fell ill with a heart problem. The final straw was the tragic death of another younger brother, William, from lung cancer. Stephen, 68, sunk into a dark depression - until he discovered photography.

Stephen said, "My brother Tony contacted me and implored me to take up photography. He bought me a digital SLR camera and I joined Saltburn Photographic Society." Now, just twelve months after taking up his hobby, Stephen has won a top photographic competition. Commenting on his winning photo in a combined Saltburn and Whitby photographic societies competition Stephen said,"I snapped this cocker spaniel at Skelton playing in the snow. As he leaped towards me, completely off the ground, with his ears vertical, it was such a joyous picture."

Another shot of seagulls taking off just above the waves at Saltburn has notched third place in a Saltburn Photographic Society Natural World competition. And a sombre view of Saltburn’s Huntcliff and a vivid sky at night at Warrenby, Redcar, have both been judged highly commended.

He said, "I couldn’t believe it when my photo won! I’m just a rank amateur who’s incredibly keen. And I’m very grateful for all the support I've had.
I just want others to know that there is life after cancer."
All profits from the sale of any of Stephen's prints go to the Holistic Cancer Care Centre at James Cook University Hospital where he was successfully treated. Stephen has also had a number exhibitions. "I want to make as much profit for charity as possible. But I admit I still have to pinch myself at how well it’s all going!" he said.