Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sustrans Rangers Saltburn work day.

Anyone walking into Saltburn along the black path beside the railway will have seen a transformation on the land just before the allotments. A result of two years volunteer work, this week has seen the final clearance of the asbestos fly tipping which had lain hidden in a heap for twenty years until found overgrown and matted in briers.

Sustrans hired a JCB team in cooperation with the Council to clear the site returning it to nature. This weekend saw the Rangers surface pick the soil to clear away bottles, old bricks, fence posts, lumps of concrete and years of hand dropped litter including hundreds of drink cans to uncover a beautiful fertile top soil.

This will be left fallow for six-eight weeks then sprayed off and planted with Poppy as a tribute in remembrance of the WWI fallen.

The Wild Flower Meadow planted with £250 worth of seed last Autumn is starting to grow. Enjoy it and thank you to all the volunteers that have helped create it.

Pictures show the Sustrans Redcar & Cleveland Rangers planting Bluebells and clearing the site.

Philip Chisholm, Ranger Coordinator, wishes to thank the seventeen Rangers that have given a total of 810 voluntary hours so far to this project and also to the Neighbourhood Council Team that have supported our efforts.

Anyone wishing to go on short training cycle rides get in touch, we are also organising fitness walks.

Helping to make sustainable transport a beautiful and enjoyable opportunity, after all, life is all about the journey.

Philip Chisholm
Sustrans Redcar & Cleveland Ranger Volunteer Coordinator.
T:01642 485322
M:07802 936 414

Dog Foul and Fly Tipping.
The Sustrans Volunteers restart their by-weekly dog foul and horse dung clearance of the black path from Marske to Saltburn this April. This path is currently in a disgusting state after a winter without the volunteers cleaning it.
A warning to those that do not pick up their dog's foul. The new £1000 fines are now in force with up to 10 years in prison for fly tipping.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Saltburn Ward Newsletter March 2014

Councillor Stuart Smith Contact no. 07557 540628

PURCHASE OF CHILDREN BOOKS FOR SALTBURN LIBRARY The three Saltburn Ward Councilors’ have agreed to fund the purchase of 70 new children’s books for ages 0 – 5 for Saltburn Library from their Ward Councilors’ fund .

RESUMPTION OF GARDEN WASTE COLLECTIONS The collection of garden waste has resumed from the 1st March. This waste is collected together with the blue recycling waste bin.

The Coal Authority working in close partnership with the Saltburn Gill Action Group and the Environment Agency has successfully halted the worst of three flows of polluted water from the abandoned ironstone mines of East Cleveland. Mine water has flowed from old mine workings to the south of Saltburn since 1999 causing severe pollution of the Saltburn Gill and Skelton Beck. The unsightly orange stream flowed over the beach and into the North Sea. The Saltburn Gill Action Group was set up by concerned local residents with help from the Environment Agency to raise the profile of the problem; The Coal Authority became involved initially in an advisory capacity in 2008 to guide the group through a feasibility study. During the summer of 2013 the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) funded the Coal Authority to pump water from the mines to halt the polluting outflows. This water is partially cleaned up as it passes through the first stage of a treatment scheme built by the Coal Authority. The treatment works are clearly visible on the opposite side of the Skelton –by-pass road opposite the new Asda store. Due to the Coal Authority treatment scheme the worst of the polluting flows has been halted. It will continue to pump in order to dry up all the mine water pollution. In 2014, a large wetland will be added to the treatment scheme to remove iron from the water using natural processes before the treated water is returned to the Gill. These reed beds will provide both filtration of the mine water to remove iron particles and a new environment for wildlife in the area and will restore the Gill into a place where nature can thrive once again.

SALTBURN LEISURE CENTRE IMPROVED VISITOR NUMBERS The numbers of visitors to Saltburn Leisure Centre are at a record high under the new operators ‘Everyone Active’. To date from the 1st April 2013 there have been 266,000 visits, an increase of 33,000. Everyone Active have invested over 400K in Saltburn Leisure Centre creating a new fitness suite, a larger dance studio, completely refurbished dry-side changing rooms, redecorated reception, improvements to the external appearance and undertaken the refurbishment of the Parish Council office and chamber which are located in this building. They have also increased the choice and numbers of fitness classes available at the centre.

The three Saltburn Ward Councillors lobbied hard for the reopening of this popular used walkway between The Crescent and Marske Mill Lane after the owners Coast and Country Housing closed it on safety grounds. This resulted in the resurfacing of the cut and the replacing of new safety bollards.

Work commenced on the 24 February and will take 6 weeks to complete.

Saltburn surfer knocked unconscious whilst surfing off Staithes.

A 56-year-old surfer from Saltburn was taken to hospital this morning (Monday) after being knocked unconscious while surfing off Staithes.

Saltburn's Gary Rogers, (pictured in the background) proprietor of the Saltburn Surf Shop and described as a “surf legend” by the website Surf Nation, is a highly experienced surfer with more than 40 years of surfing history. He was surfing at a spot known as The Cove, near Staithes when he hit his head on the scar/scaur at low tide and was left unconscious as two sets of waves broke over him.

Fellow surfers carried him to Staithes and Runswick RNLI boathouse where he regained full consciousness. The RNLI station doctor Graham Croft treated him for knee and minor head injuries. He was also attended by paramedics from the Air Ambulance service whose helicopter landed at Cowbar and by the North East Ambulance service who took him to James Cook Hospital, Middlesbrough.

The Cove is a highly favoured location for its big break but is regarded as suitable only for experienced surfers. A Staithes RNLI spokesperson said: “Anyone in trouble on the foreshore should always carry a mobile phone and call the Coastguard. Ideally, any casualty should be kept on the foreshore until help arrives.”