Friday, February 11, 2011

Good N'ewe's

Saltburn's Bertie the sheep has now settled in to his new home. For nearly four years, Bertie has been tethered outside Saltburn’s Emmanuel Church, munching happily away to keep the grass down.
Recently the Church Council contacted Bertie's owner, Paul Tidy, saying that, on health and safety grounds, he must be removed from the churchyard by February.
Bertie had become a famous local landmark with tourists, animal lovers and children alike but his owner feared that he would now have to be destroyed.
After the news of Bertie’s plight broke, Paul and his partner Andrea Cooke, who raised Bertie from a lamb, said that they'd been overwhelmed by support and offers from people in the region.
Now Bertie is living happily at Upsall Hall Rural Centre's farm area at Nunthorpe where he has both goats and another sheep for company.