Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Message in a bottle from Saltburn found in Denmark.

We have just received the following from Stefan who hopes to discover the sender of this message in a bottle.

Dear all,
During our summer holidays my niece found a message in a bottle on the northernmost shore of Denmark. Unfortunately we cannot find out the name or the e-mail address (only @yahoo.co.uk)
Maybe you can help us to find the writer of the message? My niece would be really happy!
with kind regards,
Stefan Haupt, Germany

If you can help Stefan and his niece trace the sender of this message please contact us so that we can put you in touch with them both.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Training matters when it comes to saving lives at sea.

Photo Copyright Ceri Oakes RNLI

Heads were turned along the promenades and sands at Saltburn yesterday evening as the crews of several lifeboats and HM Coastuard gathered together on the sands below Huntcliff near Penny Hole.

Training matters when it comes to saving lives at sea and when HM Coastguard trains together with the RNLI they make a rescue force to be reckoned with.

Steve Hart, Senior Coastal Operations Officer for HM Coastguard said, "We want everyone to enjoy the coast – we love it too. Don’t forget though it can be a dangerous and unforgiving place for the unwary – check tides, look at local information about currents. But people do get caught out. That’s why we’ve got your back. It’s why we train. We’re ready to help, to search to rescue and to save."

Helen Williams, RNLI Area Lifesaving Manager- Wearside & North Yorkshire said, "There are around 165 accidental drownings around the UK each year. As we head to the summer holidays we want to remind people to stay safe when they visit the North Yorkshire coast. The beach is a great place to visit and relax during your time off but we urge people to be aware of the dangers."

"Our advice is to always swim at a lifeguarded beach and swim between the red and yellow flags. If you see someone in difficulty raise the alarm by alerting a nearby lifeguard or calling 999 and asking for the coastguard. If you find yourself in trouble, FLOAT, remember to Respect the Water."

"Call 999 and ask for the Coastguard if you’re in trouble or you see someone else who is. We’re ready to help, to search, to rescue and to save."

Pictured: Redcar Coastguard, Staithes Coastguard,Skinningrove Coastguard, HM Coastguard, Senior Coastal Operations Officer, Whitby, Whitby Coastguard, Redcar RNLI, Staithes & Runswick RNLI, Whitby RNLI official, RNLI Lifeguards Yorkshire, RNLI Lifeguards East of England,
UK Coastguard search and rescue helicopter based at Humberside and the Humber Coastguard Operations Centre.