Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ticket to make a difference for young Saltburn girl.

18-year old, Katy Phenix, from Saltburn-by-the-Sea, Cleveland has been given the opportunity to make a real contribution to a community in Bradford and the Philippines as part of Global Xchange . She will join a team of 10 young people from the Philippines and the UK on a six month exchange starting in October.

Youth Xchange is a six month exchange programme for young people aged 18 to 22, run by
VSO and the British Council as part of International Citizen Service. Katy is excited about
the prospect of living and working for three months in a community in the UK and for three
months in the Philippines. She says, “I want to experience a different culture and gain work
experience and life skills and Global Xchange will give me the opportunity to do this.”

Although Global Xchange will arrange work placements, travel requirements and provide
participants with a small living allowance, Katy still needs to raise £2,000 towards her trip and is busy organising a fundraising event with local performers at the Spa Hotel in Saltburn on September 9th.

“I’ve spoken to young people who have been on Global Xchange, and they say that it is a
life-changing experience. I am interested in educational work and hope to make a real
difference to a community overseas.”

Katy hopes to apply the skills she learns on the exchange when he returns to Saltburn, “I’m
hoping to get work in the educational field when I return.”
For Katy, this will be the first time she has travelled overseas independently, “I’m really looking forward to experiencing a culture that is completely different to my own.”

For more information visit If you’d like to help Katy by donating
towards her exchange, please visit

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Saltburn

At approximately 10.49 this morning Captain Nigel Pease, the great, great, grandson of Henry Pease, arrived in Saltburn by train along with a number of political representatives from Darlington, Stockton, Middlesbrough and Redcar in recognition of the history of the development of the Stockton & Darlington railway that terminated here in Saltburn.

He was met at the station by Anthony Wharton, Deputy Lord Lieutenant of the North Yorkshire Riding, as well as Councillor Vera Rider, Chairperson of Saltburn, Markse and New Markse Parish Council and Councillor Philip Thompson Chairperson of the Saltburn 150 Committee.

Marske Band playing on the Station Square before the arrival of the guests.
August 17th marks the traditionally celebrated date for the arrival of the first paying passengers into Saltburn 150 years ago. Markse Brass Band played on the Station Square to welcome the guests as they disembarked.

Captain Pease then unveiled the third of five commemorative mosaics designed by Helen Gaunt and Derek Mosey and made in collaboration with both residents of and visitors to Saltburn.

Captain Nigel Pease, with Helen Gaunt and Derek Mosey at the unveiling of the mosaic.
All the mosaics depict parts of the town’s history, with the third mosaic representing one of the engines that hauled carriages into Saltburn in its early years and is set against the background of Alpha Place, the first residential building to be erected in the town, but now demolished.

Councillor Philip Thomson exploring the newly unveiled mosaic.
The party then proceeded to the Station Portico where it stopped for refreshments at Profile Gallery & Sitting Room - originally the old first class ladies waiting room - before visiting local charity Doorways which is now based in what was the stations original refreshment room.

Next the party walked along the old station platform past the sheltered housing - built upon the land which originally sported the old Zetland Hotel’s tennis courts - where they were welcomed by residents of the now converted hotel and escorted on to the grand terrace to take in the view of Huntcliff as guests would have done when the hotel was newly opened in 1863.

Henry Pease not only had the vision for Saltburn and drove it’s construction but also maintained a residence in Saltburn. His address was 5 Britannia Terrace, now believed to be 7 Marine Parade. The party stopped here as Captain Pease was shown round his ancestors home by current residents Carol and Graham Gaunt.

Saltburn's Funicular is the oldest water balanced cliff lift still in operation in the UK. It’s carriages were recently refurbished and re-installed in time for this year’s celebrations and the party used it to descend to the foreshore before taking a stroll along the last remaining iron pier on the North-East Coast before lunch.

After lunch the party promenaded along to Old Saltburn stopping at the Beache Cafe, one of the oldest occupied sites in Saltburn, to sample some traditional Yorkshire Ice-Cream before proceeding into the Valley Gardens, the first development of the new town Saltburn-by-the-Sea.

Since the postwar period Saltburn Miniature Railway Association, staffed by volunteers, has run their services through the Valley Gardens carrying many thousands of visitors over the years. The volunteers have spent the last five years bringing an engine back to life, their dedicated perseverance has resulted in the train being brought into active service this year. In celebration of the anniversary the train was formally named “Saltburn 150″ by Captain Pease.

After an inaugural ride through the Valley Gardens the party returned to the seafront and took the cliff lift back to the upper promenade where it processed along the seafront to the new bandstand which stands on the site of the Ha’Penny Bridge built by Anthony Wharton’s ancestors.

The tour was concluded by a visit to the Saltburn Arts Community Hall where they took tea whilst browsing the Annual Art exhibition.

Playing Croquet on Marine Parade

Sunday, August 14, 2011

End of the Pier - 1980's Documentary about Saltburn

NE Films in conjunction with Amber Films 1986

End of the Pier, was broadcast on Channel 4 as a documentary about the then fading Victorian seaside resort of Saltburn.

A beautiful portrait of the ‘select’ but out of season Victorian seaside resort of Saltburn-by-the-Sea on the Cleveland coast. A pet shop with its canary and its hamster, fishermen collecting lugworms on the beach and casting lines from the pier, the Saltburn Cliff Railway, the picture postcards and the wintry weather are all lovingly captured as residents, workers and the unemployed talk about the history of the town and about their lives. The film culminates in the demolition of the town’s Halfpenny Bridge.

Director: Dave Eadington
Photography: Witold Stok & Philip Trevelyan
Editor: Dave Eadington

End of the Pier Part 1

End of the Pier Part 2

A look back at ... the 'Saltburn Extravaganza'

On Sunday 10th July Glenn Pearson, of Saltburn's Seaview Restaurant, launched the "Saltburn Exravaganza", a cornucopia of vintage seaside entertainment which also marked the return of the Vintage Car Rally to Saltburn.

Clear skies prevailed over the town as people scurried about in preparation for the start of the show at 10.00am. The bank was closed a Park and Ride scheme ran from the leisure centre to the promenade.

60 classic and vintage cars were exhibited on the lower promenade, although the famed car from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang had to be withdrawn from the programme due to being sold at auction earlier in May.

Traditional Victorian food stalls, vintage rides and seaside games along with music played by Marske Brass Band all added to the fun and sense of return to a past childhood experienced by many of the visitors.

Another highlight of the Show was provided by two airshows, with a P51-Mustang Display starting at 12:00 and the event being closed at 16:30 by a display from the Blades aerobatic display planes.

This video captures the spirit of the day... we have a strong feeling that this is one event that will continue to grow.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Celebrate with a Carnation

Saltburn people are being urged to celebrate the town's 150th anniversary with a carnation. Saltburn150 Group, which is co-ordinating dozens of events to mark the birthday this year, says carnations - coloured and white - will be on sale in Saltburn's centre from Eveline Brentano Flowers, on Celebration Day, Wednesday August 17th.

Celebrate with a carnation, says Saltburn resident Mike Morrissey. He is urging townsfolk
and visitors to buy a £1 flower for the town's Celebration Day, marking its 150th birthday,
on Wednesday August 17th.
"The group hopes many people, both residents and visitors, will sport a carnation to mark the 150th anniversary of the town being founded," said long-time resident Mike Morrissey, a member of the 150 Group. Part of the profits will go towards paying for large mosaic panels depicting the town's past. The third one will be unveiled on August 17th at 11am by Nigel Pease, a descendent of Henry Pease, who brought the first train to Saltburn in August 1861."

Mr Morrissey, a retired journalist, said other events planned for the day included Tees area civic chiefs being welcomed at the railway station by Marske brass band before being given a tour of the town, a croquet match, an art exhibition, the unveiling of a miniature railway engine and a talk by author Freya North who's book Secrets was set in Saltburn.

Florist Eveline Brentano said she was pleased to suppport the "celebrate with a carnation" scheme. "It will be a colourful way for both residents and visitors to mark the 150th birthday," she said.

Philip Thomson, chairman of the 150 Group, said the visiting civic guests would each be presented with a carnation before the mosaic panel unveiling at 11am.

Preparing for this years Craft and Procuce show.

Organisers of Saltburn's fifth annual craft and produce show are putting the emphasis on "keeping it simple" this year.

People wanting to enter items - from cross-stitching to courgettes - won't need to fill in forms in advance on Saturday August 20, as in previous years.

"We'll type details direct on to laptop computers as entrants bring in their exhibits. This should be quicker than processing forms by hand," said Ann Cowie, of the Women's Institute, which is jointly organising the show with Saltburn Allotment Association.

"Entries will be accepted between 8.00-9.30am from anyone interested whether resident in Saltburn or not. All are welcome and we would especially like to see more entries from children. It's a fun event. There's plenty for visitors to see and there's an element of competitiveness about it. We get several hundred entries. We've also got a simple recipe for the cake class - lemon drizzle cake, which is simple and popular to make. We find people prefer something like this than a cake with icing, which can be fattening."

Among WI members preparing entries are Maureen Potter and Nancy Eastwood, who have both knitted items. Maureen is entering a babies' hooded jacket and Nancy a ladies jacket and cross-stitching pictures. In addition Maureen's husband Stewart has made some apple and onion chutney.

Maureen Potter holds up a knitted ladies' jacket as Nancy Eastwood knits - surrounded
 by cross-stitching pictures. They are preparing for Saltburn's annual produce and craft
show to be held on Saturday August 20.
Among new sections this year are ones for recycled garden ornaments for both adults and children. The scarecrow-from-recycled materials section is expected to be popular again.

A special section to help mark Saltburn's 150th anniversary will be of local memorabilia. Entry to the hall, which is open for use despite renovations going on, will be from Cambridge Street from 1.15pm.

Trophies will be presented at 2pm and produce, preserves and home-baking will be sold at 3.15pm. Proceeds will help to fund next year's show. Light refreshements will be available.

Further information can be had from Mrs Cowie 01287-622433 or Sue Featherstone 01287-624169.

Mike Morrisey