Sunday, April 15, 2012

Saltburn Partnership Board

New faces are leading a new-style setup which is bringing together leading organisations in Saltburn.

Greg Beaty, of Rapp’s restaurant, chairs the newly-formed Saltburn Partnership Board, which is made up of community groups, Redcar and Cleveland Council and organisations like the police and Tees Valley Leisure.
Joint secretaries are Sue Anderson, of the Be All You Can business at Rigwood House, near Rushpool Hall, and Paul Davies, of internet cafe Destinations.

The board is being made up of up to 15 people representing different fields of interest.

“The aim is to bring a partnership of Saltburn’s public and private sectors to create a successful town centre to benefit all,” said Sue Anderson. She said anyone with a good idea or a concern could take it to a representative who would raise it at a board meeting.

Further information can be had from:
Sue Anderson on (Tel. 622955) or
Paul Davies (626432) or
look at the website.

Among points which are understood to be concerning the board is town centre parking.
The board aims to contribute towards strategic themes including regeneration, health and well-being, children and young people and “stronger and safer communities."

Saturday, April 14, 2012

It's Darn Crazy!

Saltburn's now famous 'yarnbombers' have finally broken their silence - but are still keeping their identity secret.

The secretive knitters are the masterminds behind a colourful and creative 50-yard scarf featuring Olympic athletes draped on the town’s pier.

While preferring to stay anonymous the 'Darn Crazy' knitters have sent a teasing statement and pictures of their night-time antics to local community journalist Mike Morrissey.

The group said: “We’re delighted with the imaginative and amusing coverage given to our Olympic yarnstorm on Saltburn pier. Many satisfying hours of secret planning and knitting have paid off with the many visitors also enjoying our work. We’re happy to share some of the photos we took for our own pleasure while maintaining the anonymity of yarnstorming. Signed: Saltburn Yarnstormers.”

Mr Morrissey admitted that at first he thought it was a hoax. He doesn’t know their identity either, but quipped: “It adds a bit of fun to life!”

Efforts to track down the elusive group are ongoing but many say they would prefer the knitters to remain anonymous to continue the mystery which has caused a boom in the town as visitors flock to see the woolly masterpiece.

Sisters Sheila Wheatley and Angela Morton run the newly opened wool shop 'Ripping Yarns' in Dundas Street West, Saltburn. They believe they know the identity of at least one of the knitters, but insist that their “lips are sealed”.

Angela said, "We don’t think they’re members of any known group in the town but one of them let it slip about the knitting. However, their secret is safe with us. We think it’s best they and their identity remain anonymous. It makes the story more exciting!”

Sheila, a retired social services worker, said, “We opened our shop in mid-March not knowing about the pier scarf. It was a coincidence at the time with all the publicity. But it’s been really good for business.”

Monday, April 09, 2012

Dank Holiday week-end.

Those hoping for a sunny Bank Holiday this week-end were instead facing grey skies and rain - a far cry from last month's heatwave.

However, the rest of the week is set to be sunny and dry in the morning, although there will be the threat of showers in the afternoon.

Rebekah Sherwin, forecaster for the Met Office, said the rest of the month was likely to be characterised by unsettled weather, with intermittent sunshine and showers as well as dry spells.

Despite the damp and cold many were determined to enjoy a family day out no matter what the weather, visiting the beach and splashing about in the puddles.

Photo © Paul Kingston, North News and Pictures Ltd

Two years ago saw very heavy rain like this year, while 2008 was one of the coldest on record, with snow and sleet.

Including this year, there will have been rain on half of the Easter Mondays over the last decade.

The coldest Easter on record was in 1964, with temperatures between 6c and 7c.

Photo © Paul Kingston, North News and Pictures Ltd
A damp and drizzly Easter Sunday for surfers taking to the waves in Saltburn-by-the-Sea.